Professional Pool Lighting Services

Pool LightingWhen you’re having a pool installed in your Des Moines home, making sure that the necessary electrical wiring is installed professionally and is thoroughly safe is a major priority. The electricians at WireOne have extensive experience working with these systems, and our Des Moines Electrician can always guarantee a thorough, accurate, and safe installation of any pool lighting systems.

Problems can obviously and very easily arise from having water and electricity in such close proximity, so making sure that the wiring for your pool installation is done professionally and is all completely up to code is extremely important for your safety. You should always hire a qualified, licensed, and experienced electrician for this job, or not only are you not likely going to pass code inspections, but you could incur serious or fatal injuries. If you’re installing a pool, contact our electricians to handle all of your lighting and wiring needs.


Swimming Pool Electrical Wiring

Proper electrical wiring for your swimming pool can be accomplished in four general steps:

  • Secure your electrical permit
  • Wire a sub-panel at the equipment pad to power the pool equipment
  • Bond the metal components of the pool
  • Pass electrical inspections

Our electricians will obtain your electrical permit before we being any of our work, we can handle all of the technical aspects of the job, and we’re able to confidently guarantee that all of the work will pass all inspection and be completely safe and up-to-code.


Electrical Panel Additions

It isn’t uncommon for some adjustments to be needed for your electrical system when you’re adding anything electrical to your home. If your Des Moines home’s electrical panel is already full, it may not be able to support the extra wiring needed for your pool lighting. If that is the case, you have two options:

  • The first option is to install a sub-panel, which will provide more breaker space to accommodate the extra electrical needs for your pool lighting. In order for this option to be viable, your home’s wiring will already need to be able to support the extra electrical output, since you’ll basically be redistributing the existing electrical service of your home.
  • The second option is to contact your electric company and request a service upgrade. This can take up to around six weeks because it requires an installation by your electric company. Service upgrades will increase the amount of electricity which the company sends to your home.


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