Des Moines GFI Electrical Outlet Installation & Repairs

GFCI OutletsGFI electrical outlets (ground fault circuit interrupters) are devices that are used to disconnect circuits whenever there is an imbalance between a charged conductor and a neutral return conductor. They are very important in preventing electrocution, and they’re often mandated by codes for rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages, as well as outdoor locations. GFCI outlets will not be able to function properly if they aren’t properly connected, so if your Des Moines home hasn’t had its electrical system updated within the last ten to twenty years, there’s a good chance that you need to have your GFI electrical outlets upgraded or replaced.

WireOne has professional and experienced electricians who can inspect your electrical system and help you determine whether you need GFCI outlets or switches installed in any part of your home. If we do find places you need these outlets, we can also handle the complete installation of these devices. Although there are DIY instructions available for this, we recommend for your safety that you never attempt any work on your electrical system without the proper training and experience.  When dealing with electricity, it is always better to contact a professional Des Moines electrician.


National Electric Codes and GFI Electrical Outlets

The National Electric Code (NEC) has included several recommendations and requirements for GFCI outlets in some form since around 1968. During the 1970s, the requirements for GFCI installations were gradually added for 120-volts receptacles in areas that had a high risk for water contact, like bathrooms and garages. In the 1980s, kitchens and basements were required to have GFCIs installed, as well as other things like boat houses, indoor pools, and commercial garages.

During the 1990s, the requirements for GFCIs were expanded to include:

  • West bars
  • Rooftops
  • Elevator rooms
  • Car tops
  • Crawlspaces

Today’s National Electrical Codes require GFCIS for any rooms that may come into contact with any water. There are exceptions and specifications, as well as local and state codes. Our electricians can inspect your Des Moines home and make sure that it meets all required standards and that your Des Moines GFI outlets are totally safe and functional.


Benefits of GFCIs

  • Shock Prevention – With built-in sensors designed to block any dangerous flow of electricity to a grounded object person, GFCI outlets will protect people from electrical shocks and even electrocution.
  • Fire Prevention – Ground-fault surges can easily cause an electrical fire, and GCFIs are extremely effective at preventing these. GFCIs are one of the most basic fire prevention tools you can have installed in your home.
  • Appliance Damage Prevention – Refrigerators, washers and dryers, and other large appliances that require significant electricity can be easily and permanently damaged by ground fault surges, and GFCIs are a great way to stop this from happening.


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