Professional Landscape Lighting Installations

Landscape LightingYou work hard to keep your Des Moines home’s exterior as attractive as possible, and there’s no reason to let your landscape disappear each night when the sun sets. At WireOne, our landscape lighting services can make sure that your landscape isn’t just visible at night, but that it’s more attractive than ever before as well.

Our professionals will set up a landscape lighting with strategically placed lighting fixtures that can enhance the best parts of your landscape and accentuate parts of your landscape and exterior design. These lights can highlight your home’s architectural features, its plants and trees, or other parts of your landscape design. Our Des Moines Electrician will work with you directly to custom design your landscape lighting scheme so that it’s perfect for your home, and we’ll also make sure it’s functional, efficient, and attractive.


Our Landscape Lighting Services Include

  • Front Door Lighting
  • Deck and Patio Lighting
  • Walkway and Steps Lighting
  • Lighting for Your Landscape’s Features
  • Landscape Lighting Maintenance
  • Driveway Lighting
  • Garage Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting Systems


Finding a Balance for Your Landscape Lighting

When our professionals install a landscape lighting scheme for your Des Moines home, we know that our job is two-fold: on the one hand, we need be able to select the proper and equipment and make sure that the entire set-up is totally functional; on the other, we need to design an artful set-up for the lighting fixtures.

Our electricians recognize both aspects of this job, and we work to create a perfect balance between artful and pragmatic.

We’ll select lower voltage lights, which are safer to work with and will costs less. They receive one-tenth of the power that regular lighting fixtures require, but with a step-down transformer, they can achieve any effects you’re looking for. We’ll also complete any work you need with light bulbs, fixture housing, stakes, and cables & wiring—but our job does not end there.

We understand that the perfect landscape lighting scheme is also reliant on the beauty of its design. Whether you’re looking to have a subtle wash of light over a garden or you’re lighting a walkway to your yard, we’ll be able to help you transform your landscape with whatever atmosphere you’re trying to create.


Landscape Lighting Design

Our professionals work directly with each of our clients to design the perfect landscape lighting setup for their homes, ensuring that all of our clients get everything they need from our services.

We may be experts when it comes to landscape lighting, but when it comes to your home, you’re the only expert there is. So we’ll give you our professional advice and opinions, but we’ll always leave the final decisions up to you.


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