Arc Fault Protection in Des Moines

Arc Fault ProtectionArc-fault breakers, which are also known as arc-fault circuit interrupters (or AFCIs), are one of the best devices you can have in your home for the prevention of an electrical fire. Arc faults occur when an electrical current veers off of its intended path, and they can be caused by nearly anything, whether it’s a tree falling on a power line during a storm or you damage the wiring in your home while moving furniture. Regardless of what causes them, arc faults can produce temperatures of more than 10,000°F, but fortunately, they are preventable.

Our professional Des Moines Electrician can make sure that any outlets you have which are at risk of causing arc faults in your home are completely protected against the potential for fires and other dangers associated with arc faults. Arc fault circuit interrupters can detect arc faults and cut off the circuit before it begins to overheat, and they’re estimated to prevent between 50 and 75% of fires that would occur without their presence.

Our electricians can inspect your home and make sure that all of your circuits are properly protected against arc faults. AFCIs can easily prevent huge disasters, especially if you life in an older home.


What is the Difference Between an AFCI and a GFCI?

GFCIs are ground fault circuit interrupters and their purpose in to protect people directly from the hazards of electrical shocks. If you’re using an electrical appliance or a tool that becomes energized due to a ground fault, a GFCI will cut off the power to the object before the electricity has a chance to reach your body.

AFCIs, on the other hand, protect against arc-faults, which can easily cause fires and potentially damage your Des Moines home, or cause serious or fatal injury to someone in your household.


Does Every Outlet in My Home Need to Be an AFCI?

Our electricians will install AFCI outlets at the first outlet in a branch of circuits, which means that the AFCIs will be able to provide protection from arc faults to the remaining outlets in the branch. You’ll only need to have an AFCI installed in the first outlet of each branch.


The Difference Between an Arc Fault Breaker and AFCI Outlet?

Arc fault breakers are installed inside your electrical panel. When they trip, you have to reset the breaker in the panel of your home. AFCI outlets, on the other hand, replace standard outlets and they’re tripped, you’ll need to hit the reset button located on the outlet.

Our electricians can help you determine whether you need an arc fault breaker or an AFCI outlet installed for your Des Moines home’s electrical system.


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